Only 1 Out My 5 Kids Matched My DNA – Man Who Welcomed Four Children With Single Mom Cries Out

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The man took to a Facebook platform to share his experience which had left him totally broken and befuddled.

A man has cried out for help after finding himself in a serious dilemma.

According to the man, it turned out that only one child belongs to him after welcoming four children with a single mom.

He made the discovery after DNA test.

Taking to Facebook, he wrote:

“Good morning. I have a very big problem at home which i want to share for quick advice.

! married a lady who had her girl-child already. I allowed her to come in my house with her little kid after convincing me that they separated with the father.

To be honest with you Ssalongo Ssaili, I have loved my wife and i have been a good father to her girl-kid as well. She currently has my 4 kids plus her girl which makes a total of 5 kids at home. In fact I built a good home for them.

Now there’s something annoying that i came to find out recently; Among the four kids she produced with me, there were some kids that looked similar to her elder girl that she came along with! This forced me to secretly take only my 4 kids for DNA testing. Surprisingly, only one girl-kid (second last born) matched with my DNA! The rest were non-matching! I became speechless!

So i went back home and picked her 21yeras elder girl-child to move out with me for shopping and later convinced her to do DNA testing and to kept it a secret something she willingly accepted. Surprisingly her DNA results squarely matched with the DNA for the other 3 kids that didn’t match with mine. I havent told my wife anything about this since i found it out!

I feel a very bad heart. I have lost love for my wife and the entire family. I feel ashamed at home. If i die like today, children for other men will inherit and take over my assets!

Am worried. I really feel so stressed. I feel useless. I should commit suicide! What can i do next to overcome this shame? Advise me. I will read all your comments.”

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