‘People care way too much about their jobs’: Viral TikTok of worker refusing to give customer sugar cookie because she’s older than 12 sparks debate – The Daily Dot

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                                                                                            <span class="dd-article-leadart-image-credit-segment">                                                                                  <a href="">@yujinkxm/TikTok</a>                                                                           </span>                                                                                                                                             <br>Dan Latu<br>IRL<br>                         Published Jan 3, 2022&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Updated Jan 3, 2022, 1:39 pm CST                     <br>A 16-year-old girl was shut down by a worker when she asked for a sugar cookie, and she posted a video of the exchange online.&nbsp;<br>TikTok has exploded in debate over the incident, with some saying the employee took the establishment&#8217;s age policy way too seriously. Now, the video, posted on Dec. 16, has reached over 2.8 million views.<br>User Em (@yujinkxm) posted a short clip of asking a bakery worker if she could have a sugar cookie.<br>The employee quickly denied her, saying, “You have to be under 12.”<br>“The second hand embarrassment of not being able to get a damn cookie. I hope she gets fired for that,&#8221; text overlay on the clip reads. <br>bitch… <a title="ageisjustanumber" target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">#ageisjustanumber</a><br>Many TikTok users shared the girl’s shock at the strict enforcement.&nbsp;<br>“They IDing for cookies?” @olatti_ said. <br>“She was like ‘this absolutely does not come out of my paycheck but I’m going to 100% act like it does,’” @user9237415394288 commented. <br>“People care way too much about their jobs lol,” @user3723761671042 added.<br>But, others came to the employee’s defense.&nbsp;<br>“It’s not her fault. She’s just doing her job,” @Art_Frenzzy commented.<br>“Some of y’all are so embarrassing. Some people actually do respect the rules of their workplace, no shame in being dependable,&#8221; another user, @case9900, said. <br>One user even called the TikToker a &#8220;Karen.&#8221;<br>&#8220;Really hoping someone loses their job just because she didn&#8217;t give you a cookie. okay Karen,&#8221; they said. <br>User @dooshbrah seemed to find a way to circumvent the age policy, urging the TikToker to say “it’s for your sibling at home.”<br>Em later responded to critics in the comments section, clarifying: &#8220;I’m not an adult i’m 16. this video wasn’t even meant to get ppl heated. i personally thought it was funny and i laughed it off and posted it.&#8221;<br>The Daily Dot reached out to Em via TikTok comment. <br>Dan Latu is a freelance journalist writing about the internet and culture. Previously, his work has appeared in the Real Deal and Columbia News Service.<br>‘Are you pulling the race card?’: Viral TikTok shows Bath &#038; Body Works ‘Karen’ being called out by customer<br>‘I’m in the f*cking drive-thru’: TikToker says ‘tipping culture’ has gone too far in viral video<br>&#8216;Don’t mess with stuff that’s not yours&#8217;: Airbnb hosts say guests changed the locks in viral TikTok<br>&#8216;Please stop buying beverages from Amazon&#8217;: Warehouse worker urges customers to stop buying groceries from Amazon in viral TikTok<br>Get the Daily Dot in your inbox<br><br><a href="">source</a>

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