Welcome back to another premier league predictions, battle is all hotting up and it should be a very entertaining final day of the season..

So,  let’s get straight into it :

Westham vs Aston villa

Now this game is so hard because Aston villa had a shock win against Arsenal the other day, beat them one nil; very good win for them. it wasn’t the most entertaining game ,  was a very boring game to be honest and Arsenal dominated possession but Aston villa took their chances and treasuregate scored for them who is very good at the moment along with delights of Douglas luiz.

Westham managed to hold on to a one-on-one draw after taking the lead  but Mason Greenwood equalizing for Manchester United,  so Westham are safe going into the final day of the season so they will be in the premier league next year but for Aston villa it is in their own hands relegation and if they do win this game they are safe, but if they lose they have to rely on Arsenal beating Watford, so for Aston villa this is in their favor but for me I  think Aston villa will win.

I do think Aston villa will win this one, i’m going to give them a very tight one away.

Burnley vs Brighton

Now for Brighton they are safe in the premier league,  they’ve got nothing to play for, so this is a proper dead game , And for Burnley they’re doing alright, we understand the highest they can finish right now is eighth and  to be fair and eighth place finish with Burnley would be very very good for them especially the kind of season they’ve had it’s quite an up and down season at the contract situation after the lockdown.

So, I  think for Burnley finishing eighth will be quite good for their season and to be honest they can’t finish any higher than that.  They could finish above Arsenal and Everton , that would be a very big bonus for Burnley if they can do that, but i do think Burnley will win this game. You know it’s got no meaning on it, so i think just the better side will prevail in this one which are Burnley,

Brighton have been pretty good in some games especially beating the likes of Arsenal , drawing to Leicester earlier on start lockdown when the league resumed. but to be honest this game’s got absolutely no meaning whatsoever and i’m gonna give Burnley a 2: 0

Chelsea vs Wolves

Now for chelsea they are chasing towards the champions league and you know they have to win this game because possibly if Leicester beat United , Chelsea could drop into a Europa league position and that wouldn’t be great . but you know against Wolves , Wolves can be a bit unpredictable at times but they are really good side with very good players .

For Wolves, If Tottenham win their game and Wolves lose then it could mean they fall into seventh and if Arsenal don’t win the FA CUP then it could mean Wolves don’t finish  in a Europa league position which could be very bad for them especially when they have such a good second season, some teams have been promoted a few years ago.

I do think it’s going to be a draw to be honest and it’s going to be quite an entertaining 2-2 draw .

Crystal palace vs Tottenham

Now for Crystal palace there isn’t any meaning on this game whatsoever, they’re in 14th position

they can’t get Europe , they can’t get relegated so , they’re just going to be hoping to perform as best as they can but for Tottenham it is quite a big game because they are hoping for Wolves to lose. Obviously they can’t always rely on other results so the best Tottenham can do is beat this game against Crystal palace,  which is why I do you think Tottenham will be up for this game more than Crystal palace looking at the previous games but Tottenham they had a comfortable 3-0 win against Leicester which was quite good for them and looking on the other side of things. Crystal palace played quite a boring game to be honest and it was against Wolves and you know they stood no chance against Wolves and they lost two nil in that one which was quite bad for them , and again as I said  for Crystal palace’s game means nothing . so i do think Tottenham will be up for it more which is why they’ll win this game quite comfortably and i will give Tottenham a one winner

Everton vs Bournemouth

For Everton this game does not mean anything because looking at Everton and table there are 49 points and they’re four points behind Arsenal and obviously even if Everton to win this game they won’t be getting into attempts,  so Everton will possibly be finishing 11 of the season. it depends on if Southampton win their game. so they could finish 11th or 12th again that’s a mediocre season for Everton you know , you do expect a team like them to be doing better with a squad they’ve got

But for Bournemouth this game means so much for them because if Aston villa lose and Watford lose but Bournemouth win, Bournemouth could be safe in the premier league you know so eddie howe will be saying to his players to try and do their best to win this game against Everton.

Everton have had such an unpredictable season so you can’t rule them out Bournemouth in this game and they could well be safe  because what would you got Arsenal and Aston villa i’ve got Westham, and Westham i’ve been pretty decent to be honest  in the last few weeks.  So you know for Bournemouth it could be a real possibility and this relegation battle looks so good at the moment and you can’t really predict,  you just can’t call it and for Everton analysis set doesn’t mean anything but for Bulma there’s lots of weight on this game.

Bournemouth will win this game and i do think it’s going to be a very very tight 2-3 win for them

Leicester city vs Manchester united

I would call this a playoff for champions league,  I’ve said it all along and i did think probably at the start of the season this could be a playoff for the champions league and it is, you know leicester 62 points they’re in fifth place United at the moment are sitting a level on  goal difference , they’re sitting in third because they’ve got better goal difference than Chelsea but they’re on the same points so you know for United if they do get beat by leicester they just have to hope Chelsea also lose their games but obviously you can’t always rely on things like that.

So for Man united, they really have to turn up in their last game they did draw to Westham and  you know they’ve not been in the best of form  and United obviously losing the FA CUPs only finals to Chelsea as well.

So they won’t be too confident but again Ole Gunna will know that this game means so much in terms of getting champions league football for them, so i do think they’ll be up for  it. I do think Manchester united will win this one in my opinion. and it it’ll be quite an interesting empty honest and i think it’ll be quite a good one as well but i will give United a 2-3 win

Manchester city vs Norwich city

There is only one winner here it is Manchester city , Norwich already relegated they’re already probably preparing for next season in the championship,probably in recruiting and things like that so i don’t think they’ll be up for this game at all. uh the players are demotivated and I don’t know how they can be motivated in my opinion and i do think Manchester city will win this one they’ll just use this as a warm-up you know for the champions league games incoming probably rotate the side a little try different things out,  but i do think Manchester city will easily win this game which is why i’m going to give them a comfortable 4-0 win

Newcastle vs Liverpool

For Neewcastle and Liverpool this game doesn’t mean anything because Liverpool already crowned champions and they’re not chasing the points to so they must the most they can get is 99 points, they can’t get to 100 points which is very unfortunate for them but for Newcastle again they’re not chasing anything in my opinion,  yeah they’re not chasing anything their lowest sticker finishes 14th , highest against 13th which is where they’re sitting right at the moment and they need Crystal palaces to lose uh to keep their 13th position but to be honest there’s no difference between 13 and 14 but i think Newcastle

are preparing now for the next season under their new owners which i’m not even sure if that deal is done with the new owners yet but for Liverpool again again they’ll just be rotating inside little trying different things out this game doesn’t mean anything for them but i do think they’ll still win this game because they’re the much better side,  which is why i’m going to give them a free win.

Southampton vs Sheffield united

For southampton it doesn’t mean anything because they are sitting in 12th,  they could finish 11th possibly because if Everton do lose their game but they can’t finish 13th as they have five points  in front of Newcastle so they you know 12 Southampton this season would be very good, and i think ralph house and hutu will be very very happy with that.

And i think Southampton obviously will be looking to next season to try and improve their squad

and they’re up against Sheffield united who i do think will be up for this game very much so, because uh again they can’t get seventh but again they will be looking to  secure that eighth position which would be very good for them. and again even for Sheffield united doesn’t mean much because they can’t get Europa league football but again they still want to secure that place in eighth because they could potentially finish in tenth if they are not careful and they lose this game but i do think Sheffield united win in this one.

They’ve got the most quality out of all those sides so i do think Sheffield united will win this one. as i just said and i think they’ll win this one 1-3

Arsenal vs Watford

This means a lot but for arsenal i’m not going to talk much on the arsenal side because this game

is pretty meaningless for them but for Watford again 34 points they have to win this game they have to win this game. it’s such a much must win and they just have to hope Aston villa lose and you know for Watford you know their manager the caretaker manager will just be telling them just get the job done just just win. This game and hope that Aston villa do drop points but you know it’s easier said than done because they are facing Arsenal obviously preparing for the FA CUP final and our tester doesn’t want to lose hope at the moment , and again i do think for Watford they will lose this game.  I do think Arsenal will win 3-1

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