Author: David Lawrence

While there is no official resumption date for all schools in Nigeria, we’ve predicted the likely date every institution in Nigeria will resume.

The federal government approved the closure of all institutions from nursery to higher institutions on March 19th 2020 following the increasing spread of the coronavirus.Since then, they’ve been other series of intra & inter-state lockdown in the country. With no end of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in sight, many Nigerian students have been wondering when schools in Nigeria will resume.

Lagos State disclosed on the 3rd of July that all schools in the state (Both private and public schools) will resume on the 3rd of August, 2020. This information was passed to the public by the Lagos State governor, Babajide Sanwolu. Also, he added that this resumption was only for graduating students. That’s students in Primary 6, JSS3 & SS3.

Also in Benue state, the Benue State Executive Coucil(SEC) have also ordered the re-opening of schools for graduating students (Primary 6, JSS3 & SS3).

With the federal government easing major lockdowns like the ban on inter-state movement that was lifted on July 1st 2020, parents and guidance especially cannot help but ask when the closure of schools will be lifted so their children can go back school.

Before the closure was approved in March, many students were already rounding up with their education in pre-university institutions. Some Nigerian universities were just rounding up their delayed 2019/2020 session. Institutions like Benue state University, University of Agriculture among many, had their final exams immediately suspended following the closure order leaving thousands of students who were supposed to be graduates by now as undergraduates.

No one knows when they the Federal Government will finally lift the ban on schools but from the actions of a few state governments in the past few weeks, we know that the state governments and the Federal Government are also interested in re-opening schools as soon as possible.

So from what we’ve seen, expect schools to re-opening as from September, 2020. Also, all Nigerian institutions will have to ensure that their students follow the coronavirus prevention procedures and also ensure they’re current on the recent news on coronavirus so as to ensure the total safety of the students.

We can’t tell how the pandemic will be in the next few months whether it ’ll be for better or for worst. But one thing is certain, schools resumption in Nigeria will be highly influenced by the behavior of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cases are still on the rise and whether we’ll accept it or not, it’s not completely safe to reopen schools as at this time. But the government should also look beyond the pandemic and consider the future of many young Nigerian in schools. With the current state of Nigerian economy, students are in a hurry to quickly graduate so they can start closing in, in fulfilling their dreams. It’s just a matter of a few more weeks, everything will be back to almost normal.

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