Rising From The Beats: DJ Flames, Mdundo Super DJ Of August 2023

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Rising From The Beats: DJ Flames, Mdundo Super DJ Of August 2023

Brace yourselves for a musical journey that’s hotter than the decks DJ Flames commands! Born on August 23rd, 1991, in the heart of Ile Ife, Oshosanya Kehinde Kayode, aka the fire-spitting DJ Flames, has clinched the coveted title of Super DJ of the Month on Mdundo. Let’s dive into the groovy story of this beat-maestro!

From being the youngest in a brood of four, DJ Flames waltzed his way into the world of entertainment like a natural groove. Childhood passion met grown-up dedication, and bam! Flames became a blazing DJ phenomenon from the streets of Lagos.

But hold your dance moves, we’re just getting started! Our DJ champ cut his teeth spinning at countless lounges and clubs across Lagos. He’s not just a DJ; he’s a mood magician! The dance floor is his canvas, and tracks are the vibrant colors he blends into a masterpiece of music. He knows exactly what gets those feet tapping and hips swaying. The crowd’s pulse becomes his beat, and the result? Pure musical euphoria!

Hollysee Lounge and Club Anonymous in Lagos is where DJ Flames currently reigns supreme. Staying ahead of the musical curve, Flames is all about fusing innovation with the art of DJing. Who knew spinning discs could be so dynamic?

Download DJ Flames DJ Mix here – Link

So here’s to DJ Flames, the maestro who’s turned DJing into an art form. He’s not just playing tunes; he’s sculpting experiences and weaving emotions through melodies.

With beats that ignite, DJ Flames is the Undisputed Mdundo DJ of the Month. Raise those glasses and toast to the rhythm ruler who’s got us all grooving to his electrifying symphony!

Here is how he became our Super DJ winner for August:

Every month, Mdundo shares an open call for DJs to showcase their DJ talent by joining forces with other DJS in the Mdundo DJ Battle to win amazing prizes. The DJS participate by uploading their DJ mixes and promoting the mixes on social media for visibility, asking their fanbase to subscribe and download the DJ mixes so they can stand a chance to become the winner.

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