Romano gives update on Lukaku’s salary stance as Inter try to make loan work

Fabrizio Romano has just posted the latest update on the Romelu Lukaku situation, but we’re afraid to say he didn’t have much new to say.

It was treated like news, but in reality it was just a restating of what we already knew, with a few of the finer details fleshed out slightly.

Transfer inside Romano stays pretty neutral on how possible a deal might be.

Lukaku wants to leave Chelsea and go back to Inter Milan. We believe that because Lukaku all but said as much in his interview.

He mentions that Lukaku would have to reduce his wages to make the move – which is pretty evident whether you have inside knowledge or not.

The updates earlier in the day from other sources made it sound very hard for the loan fee to be set at an agreeable level, so this may be a non starter, but Romano isn’t coming off his fence yet.

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