Ronaldo’s 25% wage cut forcing him out at Old Trafford claim leaks from the club

The stunning revelations that Cristiano Ronaldo wants out of Manchester United have been digested over the last few days, with a strong focus on the sporting aspect of it all.

“He wants to play in the Champions League” is the briefing, and that makes total sense.

But now there seems to be a counter-briefing from the club. Samuel Luckhurst at the Manchester Evening News is reporting that the club’s failure to qualify for Europe has meant a 25% wage cut for the forward.

Is this the real reason he wants out?

You can see the details in the Tweets embedded here

Ronaldo seems the type to care a lot about money – but we still do believe he cares even more about Champions League glory and his legacy. This is a massive wage slash, but he’s got an immense fortune already.

To us, this stinks of United paving the way for his exit on their end too.

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