These formed part of resolutions reached during plenary sequel to the consideration of a motion sponsored by Senator Orji Uzor Kalu (APC – Abia North). Below is some excerpt from his speech:

The federal government  recognition of the fact there is a desired need for transformation of Nigerian ray way system into a more dynamic and functional one encourage the use of rail to reduce the road traffic congestion problems and open up the sector to  private sector investments .

To reduce this burden of the federal government,  the federal government in 2017 entered into agreement with General Electric a US based company under the rehabilitation acquisition of Western and Eastern ray lines, to connect Aba, Rivers,   lagos  Oyo , Ogun, Kwara , Kaduna,  Kastina Enugu , Gombe, Bauchi , Borno, Yobe , Kano State  and while the  Western line of about 1120 kilometers from lagos to Kano and to Nguru 230 kilometers.The eastern lines are from Port Harcourt  to Kaduna 915 kilometers,  Meduguri 709 kilometers and Jos 35 kilometers .

in spite of the fact that the rails are more efficient , the knowledge of work those over long distances environmental and economic  east including cargos and petroleum products the sector suffers the neglect especially the eastern ray line with which commands Port Harcourt in  River state  passing through Abia  -Enugu – Benue –kogi-  kaduna -kano – Gombe and even in Cross river and terminates into Meduguri Borno state . And this can also enter into from maiduguri to Guru from Guru to Hadeja and Hadeja back to Kano and it will making is the largest single rail network in nigeria which passes the five political zones.

Eastern ray line had been denied the similar attention given to lagos western ray line in spite of the fact that the investigation revealed that Easter ray line remains the most lucrative route in nigeria.  More disturbed that in spite of being the most recreative route in nigeria and a distance of one thousand four hundred and two kilometers passing through Aba in Abia state the commercial health center of the southeast is regrettably left in condition a resulting Nigerian railway corporation losing at least 10.4 billion each year since 2000 and for totaling about 63 billion in the past six years.

 Desperate the coalition loss of revenue on this corridor and the attendant economic benefit that will be accrued the commencement of rehabilitation and concessions of the eastern ray lines as entered by the executive have not been taken off like that of western corridor with two to three different companies EG Transit and its consulting partners which include Cyanohydral of China Dutch-based APM terminals.

For unexplained reasons the Federal Government, the Federal executive council is yet to give approval for the commencement , which leaves not just the governments as losers but almost the host communities in the rail line from Port Harcourt  to  Maduguri.

 Non-existance of airport or land port in the whole of Abia state ,which is high volume of commercial activities it has pulled the serious hindrance to export and import activities a situation that would have nested a prioritized consideration and commencement of conservation agreement especially in consistent that the senate has approved loans for infrastructure development.

Where we reserve the executive prioritizing the commencement of the rehabilitation and concession agreement for the eastern corridor a recognition of east route revenue potential  to the national economy and for movement of people to reduce the burden on the deeply threatened rules in the Ads.  mandated committee on transport interface with relevant ministries and agencies to executives to facilitate the commencement of easter corridor.  mandate it’s committed on compliance to ensure that the compliance are reported back to the senate in three weeks for further legislative action.

Mr  president , my colleagues this is a very simple thing since we are the senate has approved 22 billion

I think it will be right that eastern rail line should be included,  anybody excluding it is not to the benefit of the people and not for the benefit of the economy. we are talking about that first in the economy everything in Nigeria could be  Manufactured in Aba. There is nothing that this country wants to manufacture that cannot be manufactured in Abia  state;l from automobiles to motor part to

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