Shameless Taliban Fighters Play On Amusement Park Rides

TALIBAN fighters have been pictured shamelessly enjoying themselves at an amusement park even as they bring a reign of terror to Afghanistan.

Pictures show the machine-gun-wielding jihadis frolicking as they took over a theme park and played on a carousel and a swinging pirate-ship ride.

Hundreds of the fighters invaded the popular waterside theme park in Kabul on the shores of the Qargha reservoir – laughing, joking and guzzling sweet snacks.

Afghanistan remains under total Taliban control as the militant group ousted the government and seized power after the withdrawal of US forces.

And people in the war-torn country are suffering under their brutal reign, with reports of cruel punishments such as floggings, beheadings and hangings along with medieval-style new rules.

But despite their brutality, the fighters in these pictures took some time to enjoy their spoils of their vicious conquest while flaunting their weapons.

Many of the guns being cradled by militants were US-made weapons that were once the arms of the Western-trained Afghan army and police force.

Taliban fighters were pictured exploring the park – and one even brazenly posed with the photographer so it looked like he had an angelic halo.

Taliban fighter Halimi, 24, said: “I feel very cheerful about coming to Kabul and being able to visit Qargha for the first time… the people welcomed me and my companions in a brotherly manner.”

He added: “We’re proud to have fought and now they (the Americans) are gone, that’s the most joyful thing we’ve experienced yet.”

The militant added he had met up with a cousin at the amusement park and had gone for a picnic to celebrate the return of the Taliban, when speaking to Reuters.

Photos showed the fighters arriving at the fairground in pick up trucks while beaming before they flooded inside.

Other images showed fighters sitting on the sandy shores, with children and very young men mixing with the them, while other militants took seaside-style horse rides.

Taliban fighters have taken over security duties across the country as they replaced the Afghan army and police – charged with dishing out the jihadis brand of justice.

And while they were pictured frolicking in Kabul, the country still remains under siege by rival terror group ISIS-K.

At least 50 people were killed and more than 140 were injured when a suicide bomber exploded a device in a mosque in northern Afghanistan.

Source:- Thesun

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