Smoke-a-thon: Nigerian Ladies To Break Guinness World Record By Smoking ‘Colos’ For 150 Hours (Video)

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The ladies asked Nigerians to monitor their smoke-a-thon on their pages.

Three Nigerian ladies have announced plans to embark on breaking the Guinness World Record by smoking for 150 hours.

A lot of Nigerians have joined the bandwagon of breaking one Guinness record or the other. Breaking records from in-doors, crying, entertainment, reading and other forms of record breaking activities.

In a new video shared online, three young ladies have called for support from Nigerian as they are set to smoke colos for 150 hours nonstop to break a Guinness Record.

The young ladies in the video introduced themselves as they described themselves as “bad b*tches”. They ask Nigerians to monitor their smoke-a-thon on their pages.

Watch The Video Below;

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