‘Someone like this shouldn’t be allowed to protect the community’: Man allegedly tried to fight kid at football game, flex that’s he’s a cop – The Daily Dot

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                                                                                            <span class="dd-article-leadart-image-credit-segment">                                                                                  <a href="">@hannbanan27/TikTok</a>                                                                            </span>                                                                                                                                             <br>Moises Mendez II<br>IRL<br>                         Published Jan 3, 2022&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Updated Jan 3, 2022, 1:53 pm CST                     <br>A man, filmed in a viral TikTok, allegedly tried to fight a kid then flex that he&#8217;s a cop while at a Kansas City Chiefs football game.<br>A TikToker, Hannah (@hannbanan27), posted the video featuring the man. &#8220;This guy from the Chiefs game tried to fight a kid and my dad,&#8221; Hannah notes via a text overlay. Hannah claims via the text overlay that the man was upset that &#8220;everyone behind him&#8221; politely asked him to sit down &#8220;during some of the game.&#8221; <br>&#8220;He pulled out some card saying he was a deputy sheriff and was allowed to behave that way,&#8221; the text overlay continues. <br>The sound is drowned out by the text-to-speech effect, which reads aloud the text overlay in an automated voice. <br>However, the man does pull a card out of his wallet. <br>The text overlay alleges the man told everyone in the section, which included senior citizens, to &#8220;stand up.&#8221; In the video, he gestures at someone off-camera to come toward him. <br>&#8220;Someone like this shouldn&#8217;t be allowed to protect the community when he flaunts that he&#8217;s entitled to act this way,&#8221; it continues. &#8220;He&#8217;s the reason we have trouble respecting law enforcement, If he acts like this at a game, imagine what he&#8217;s like on duty.&#8221;<br>The text overlay claims security came over but &#8220;didn&#8217;t do anything&#8221; to quell the situation. <br>i just want him to take responsibility for his actions <a title="fyp" target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">#fyp</a> <a title="foryou" target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">#foryou</a> <a title="chiefs" target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">#chiefs</a> <a title="kansascity" target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">#kansascity</a> <a title="malekaren" target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">#malekaren</a><br>The alleged deputy sheriff&#8217;s identity remains unknown, and it&#8217;s unclear which sheriff&#8217;s office he works for. <br>The video has amassed over 2 million views and over 149,000 likes in under a week.<br>&#8220;Aight Secret Agents of Tiktok, do your thing and find this dude&#8230;see if he&#8217;s a cop and maybe let his chief see how he acts outside of &#8216;work&#8217;,&#8221; one person wrote in the comments section.<br>Others suggested that the TikToker contact the &#8220;front office&#8221; and report the incident because they would &#8220;take it more seriously.&#8221; <br>There were also jokes made at the man&#8217;s expense that expressed skepticism over his profession. &#8220;Plot twist &#8211; it was a library card,&#8221; a TikTok user commented. Another said, &#8220;I love how he thinks by showing his Dave n busters card is gonna do something.&#8221;<br>The TikToker also said in the comments section that they are offering $300 to anyone who could identify the man.<br>The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to the Kansas City Chiefs via email for comment.<br> <strong>Must-reads on the Daily Dot </strong><br>Moises Mendez II is a recent graduate from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY. He is a freelance journalist based in New York City writing about everything from music to LGBTQ issues.<br>‘Are you pulling the race card?’: Viral TikTok shows Bath &#038; Body Works ‘Karen’ being called out by customer<br>‘I’m in the f*cking drive-thru’: TikToker says ‘tipping culture’ has gone too far in viral video<br>&#8216;Don’t mess with stuff that’s not yours&#8217;: Airbnb hosts say guests changed the locks in viral TikTok<br>&#8216;Please stop buying beverages from Amazon&#8217;: Warehouse worker urges customers to stop buying groceries from Amazon in viral TikTok<br>Get the Daily Dot in your inbox<br><br><a href="">source</a>

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