“Stop Looking For Another Man Own For Evil, The Sky Is Big Enough”- Funke Akindele Seemingly Throws Shade

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“Stop Looking For Another Man Own For Evil, The Sky Is Big Enough”- Funke Akindele Seemingly Throws Shade

Funke Akindelea Nollywood actress and box office queen, has launched a subtle jab at her colleague, whom many assumed was Toyin Abraham.

Toyin has been having difficulty promoting her Netflix film, Ijakumo The Born Again Stripper, due to her support for BAT.

Taking to Twitter, Funke Akindele warned the previously mentioned colleague to avoid looking for another man’s own evil.

She urged people to admire and pray for hers, rather than envying others.

Funke Akindele went on to say that the sky is big enough for any bird to hustle and eat their own.

“Chop your own and I chop my own. The sky is big for every bird wey fit hustle to fly and chop their own. No dey look another man own for evil. You fit admire and pray for your own to come bit no dey envy. Na waste of energy”.

“People are ganging up against me to badmouth my new movie”- Toyin Abraham laments

GISTLOVER reported that Toyin Abraham had cried out over the plot to pull her down.

Toyin Abraham, a Nollywood actress, opened up about the conspiracy to bring her down.

The mother of one claimed that her support for Bola Ahmed Tinubu is costing her a lot because many people are attempting to knock her down.

Toyin Abraham, who recently released her film Ijakumo the Born Again Stripper on Netflix, revealed that multiple Whatsapp groups have been formed to criticize her film.

She questioned when choosing her preferred candidate became an illegal act.

“You all went to create a Whatsapp group cos of Ijakumo the born-again stripper, pls continue maybe it’s today. I will kuku break the table. You all will tell the world why choosing my candidate is a crime and yours isn’t. Loni yi mo mura yin wa”.

In another tweet, Toyin Abraham made it known that the WhatsApp group was aimed at badmouthing her movie.

“Yes, their political Whatsapp group and plan to come and bad mouth my work cos of my choice. Today na today they will know that everyone, has a devil inside him or her”.

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