The Eight Fold Experience: The Beatz Awards Octave Announces “Call for Entry” for 2023 Edition

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The Eight fold Experience: The Beatz Awards Octave Announces “Call for Entry” for 2023 Edition

Lagos Nigeria, 31st of August 2023 – The Nigerian music industry is abuzz with anticipation as The Beatz Awards Octave announces its highly anticipated “Call for Entry” for the upcoming 2023 edition. Celebrating excellence in the music sphere, The Beatz Awards has established itself as a prestigious platform that recognizes and honors outstanding contributions to the Nigerian music scene.

This year’s “Call for Entry” opens today August 31st and extends until September 20th, 2023, inviting musicians, producers, songwriters, DJs, mixing and mastering engineers, and various music professionals to submit their remarkable work. The “Year-In-Review” spans from September 2022 to August 2023, encompassing a spectrum of musical achievements that have shaped the industry.

To submit your entry: “The Beatz Awards Octave is more than just an event; it’s an ode to the creative minds that make the music industry thrive, at THE BEATZ AWARDS. “We are excited to provide a platform for these unsung heroes to shine, to celebrate their contributions, and to connect with fellow musicians, industry professionals, and music enthusiasts.”

The categories for submission span the rich tapestry of musical genres, including Afro Pop, Afro Beat, Afro R&B, Afro Hip-Hop, Afro Highlife, Afro Soul, Afro Dancehall, Afro Gospel, and more. The “Don Jazzy’s New Discovery Producer of the Year” category emphasize the platform’s commitment to help support emerging talent, in line with the brand’s mission to celebrate creatives.

Aspiring entrants are encouraged to showcase their musical prowess, innovative creations, and exceptional contributions. The submission process offers a chance to gain recognition and to be part of an event that celebrates the very essence of music-making.

To participate, interested candidates can visit THE BEATZ AWARDS official website HERE at and submit their.

“The Octave” will not only celebrate of music makers but also be a testament to the transformative power of creativity for the 8th year which is the eight fold Experience. It unites musical minds and bridges the gap between passion and recognition, unlocking a world of possibilities for every participant. The Octave is billed for 18th November 2023.

About The Beatz Awards:

The Beatz Awards is an annual celebration of musical excellence in Nigeria. Since its inception, the platform has been dedicated to recognizing the individuals who contribute to the vibrant music industry. With a focus on innovation, talent, and creativity, The Beatz Awards is a beacon that illuminates the extraordinary journeys of musicians and music professionals.

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