Touched Thomas Tuchel responds to new banner

Things haven’t been great recently, but overall Thomas Tuchel has been a smash hit in his 18 months at Chelsea, and fans are delighted with the coach.

Tonight saw that confirmed as a huge new banner for the coach was unfurled in the Shed End.

It has a picture of him punching the air and the tagline “Deutcsher Maestro” – which means “German Maestro.”

The coach was asked about it after the game, and his warm reaction sounded as though he really was touched.

“It’s fantastic, thank you very much for that. It’s unbelievable and the first time for me, I’m very happy about it.” the coach said in his press conference following the game.

He noted that he had never had something like that at his previous clubs.

It’s great to see mutual love between our coach and our fans in the stadium. That can really propel us forward, especially if the new ownership adds some positive momentum too.


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