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Turkey: Man Searched Quran For Forgiveness Of Murder Before Slashing Ex-Wife’s Throat

A man slashed his ex-wife’s throat five times after reading Quran verses on whether Allah would forgive murderers.

Anil Kahraman, 39, proceeded to casually tuck into lunch as though nothing happened, a court in Turkey heard.

The monster who confessed to the grisly murder in Antalya, on November 2, has now been jailed for life.

Local media did not report what the exact verses were that Kahraman was looking up in the Quran other than the fact they discussed killing and Allah’s potential for mercy.

Kahraman told the court how he took his ex-wife Neslihan Yilmaz, 36, from her brother’s house to a forest on the day of the incident.

He then claims that an argument broke out between them over the custody of their two children, aged 8 and 9, and that was the reason for the murder.

He claims he did not plan to kill her, but based on his Google searches the court found that the crime was premeditated and had been in the planning probably for years.

Kahraman admitted: “I cut her throat with a knife. She got down on her knees. She was dying. I did not want to hurt her. I tried to kill her quickly.”

He added that after the killing, he went and got lunch before going over to his ex-wife’s brother’s house to call the police.

When Neslihan’s brother confronted him, he reportedly said: “I did what you didn’t have the backbone to do.”

The investigation also revealed that just before the murder, Kahraman had spent time looking up Quran verses relating to killing and Allah’s forgiveness towards those who have committed murder.

Kahraman still claims that he is not guilty of premeditated murder and said the accusations that he spent years planning to kill his ex-wife are “very painful”.

His lawyer appealed for a reduction in the sentence, but the court threw out the appeal.

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