Ukrainian Sisters Face 5 Years In Prison For Twerking On Graves of Fallen Soldiers On Independence Day (Video)

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Kyiv police said in a Telegram post on Friday that the women had been detained less than an hour after officers were made aware of the viral video.

Security operatives have arrested two Ukrainian women who filmed themselves dancing and twerking on the graves of slain soldiers in a Kyiv cemetery.

The incident happened on the nation’s Independence Day.

The women now face five years in prison after being charged with desecrating a grave.

The unidentified sisters were visiting the grave of their father, who they said was killed defending Ukraine from Russia’s invasion near Izium, when they broke into suggestive dance moves last week Thursday, August 24 a viral clip showed.

The women wearing crop tops and booty shorts were seen setting up a camera before backing up to dance in between the flower-adorned graves of two soldiers at Forest Cemetery, as pictures of the fallen fighters and the Ukraine flag were visible in the shot.

Kyiv police said in a Telegram post on Friday that the women had been detained less than an hour after officers were made aware of the viral video.

The sisters were booked wearing the same outfits that they had worn in the  cemetery clip, photos show.

“Investigators of the Desnyan police department, in agreement with the district prosecutor’s office, started criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Article 297 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine — insult to the grave,” the post read in Ukrainian.

“The issue of notifying them of suspicion is being resolved. Suspects face restriction of liberty for a period of three to five years or deprivation of liberty for the same period.”

The sisters later took to Instagram to issue a plea, explaining in a written statement that they had initially thought that their late father would have liked their provocative antics.

“My sister and I want to apologize to everyone, apologize for our thoughtless video. It was absolutely not our aim to denigrate anyone, least of all the memory of our fallen heroes,” the women alternately said in a solemn joint video statement posted to Instagram Monday by the account @vl_lindemann, which had reportedly originally posted the dancing clip.

“We understand that our actions had no place where our father is buried with other fallen defenders of Ukraine. We are sincerely sorry and asking to forgive our stupidity.

“We completely understand how shameful our act appears, and we are now ashamed. We are asking forgiveness from everyone who might have been offended. Please forgive us for this horrible mistake.”

Zwei Ukro-Schwestern haben am Unabhängigkeitstag des 404-Staates am Grab Ihres gefallenen Vaters den Twerk abgetanzt und das Video im Internet veröffentlicht.

Watch video below:

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