Video Of Unknown Gunmen Killed And Arrested By Police (Graphic Picture).

Video Of Unknown Gunmen Killed And Arrested By Police

The policeman says:

These are the unknown gunmen that we encountered with. They kidnapped somebody yesterday and we went after them. This is the Biafran flag.

This is the unknown gunmen flag. Then we went after them and we encountered them and in the course of exchanging fire we were able to gun down this very guy. We were able to gun him down by name Sampolo. Then these are the other ones. These are the other ones. They are all members of the unknown gunmen that did the kidnapping.

These are their arms and ammunition, alongside with the Biafran flag. With the unknown gunmen flag. These are their charms. These are all their charms, with their pot of charms, police shoe, police belt, police beret. This is the police shoe, this is the police beret and this is the police beret. These are all. . .these are good work done by 5 PMF alongside Neni Division. Operation was successful, no casualty on our side. Kudos to NPF.

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