What To Do If A Lady Asks For Money For Data Or Changing Of Phones – Reno Omokri

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In what seemed like a controversial advice Reno Omokri has caused a mixed reactions on his Twitter timeline a few minutes ago, this happened after he shared a tweet advising men on what to do to ladies who usually ask for money from them.

According to Reno Omokri, single men should not answer ladies who ask for money for data and or changing of phones. He referred to it as a “thinly veiled request” for maintenance and upkeep.

Here is what Reno Omokri asked single men to do to ladies who make the thinly veil request for data or changing of phones, he advice they they filter such ladies out of their life. He called it a filtering system for relationships, with this Reno Omokri believes men will be able to identify wife materials.

In his defence, ladies who are always asking for money from men are not wife materials, they do not seek for the growth and elevation of such a man, so therefore every man should learn to filter out such ladies from their life so they can get the actual wife materials for life.

Here is the tweet he shared a few minutes ago that has been causing mixed reactions from both genders on his timeline, he said;

“Dear single men, You need a filtering system for relationships. Each time a lady makes a thinly veiled request for maintenance (I don’t have data. My phone is old), just filter her out. When you filter out such girls, you will be able to identify wife materials.”

According to the reactions, Reno Omokri is only partially right, this is be because most ladies who reacted are totally against this believe system of filtering out those who ask for money, while on the other hand some men, not most, are also not in support of the system stated by Reno Omokri.

In my own opinion and according to my understanding of the tweet, Reno Omokri never stated that men should not give money to women, he it said men should filter out those women who make thinly veil requests.

This simply means that what they’re requesting money for is not so important or so expensive that they cannot afford it themselves. Things like these are not supposed to be issues of the man, he can help or give when he sees the need, but for a lady always making such request, Reno Omokri thinks it’s bad and not the character of a wife material.

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