Author: David Lawrence

The premier league is without question, the most competitive soccer league in the world and the hardest league to shine in if you’re a football player. Many good players like Falcao, Shevchenko, etc who were once stars in other leagues came into the premier league and became flops. Getting the ball past the goalkeeper and into the net is easy when you’re a top club in leagues like laliga, serie A, Bundesliga except in the premier league. Here, even the big clubs work very hard for goals and the winning spirit is in the heart of every player in every club.

Manchester United is among the greatest EPL club in history with most of their achievements coming under the leadership of retired Sir Alex Ferguson. From history till date, Manchester United have won 66 major trophies which include 20 premier league titles. But after the resignation of their legendary coach (Sir, Alex Ferguson), Manchester United haven’t returned to the kind of form we used to see them inafter 2013. United have counted on coaches like David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal and the first-ever FIFA coach of the year Jose Mourinho to bring back the lost glory to Manchester United but to no avail. Till date, United have failed to win the premier league after 2013 and with their top form spark not in sight, it is a fact that they’ll also fail to win the premier league next season (2020/2021).

Current coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is doing his best to bring the best out of Manchester United but he has not succeeded quite fully in his quest yet. Even with players like Paul Pogba who was the most expensive player in the world as at the time when he was signed and recent signing Bruno Fernandes, many have continued to wonder why Manchester United isn’t back to top form yet. “Is it the laziness of the players or the failure of the coach to sign good players and make use of them?” What ever the reason is, Manchester United have to deal with this speedily and return to winning ways if not they may just end up like Arsenal FC.

Currently, United lack the quality to win the EPL title next season. Looking back at their Glory days, Manchester United’s past successes came under players who were willing to do all they could to win in order to make a name for themselves and for the club. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Paul Scholes, Ferdinand and goal keeper Edwin Van Der Sar among many played not just for the money and fame but from the heart, their guts and played for their strong passion for football. Hence, they were willing to do and even dared the impossible in order to keep the club at it best. The players of those times were more heart-centered towards the club than the players of today.

In order to spark back the fire in Manchester United, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs to train his players until they get the constant winning mentality in their head and are ready to give it all for Manchester United. He needs to create players who would go home and just can’t stop thinking about the club. Players who will on their own wake up and spend hours training just to bring the best out of themselves. Until Ole Gunnar Solskjaer realizes and does that, the glory of Manchester United may just as well end with histories throughout his tenure.

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