‘Why you need to do your research before getting an animal’: TikToker debates whether hamsters are dead or hibernating, sparking debate – The Daily Dot

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                                                                                            <span class="dd-article-leadart-image-credit-segment">                                                                                  <a href="">@emily.dooley9/TikTok</a>                                                                          </span>                                                                                                                                             <br>Tricia Crimmins<br>IRL<br>                      Published Jan 3, 2022&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Updated Jan 4, 2022, 10:07 am CST                        <br>In a viral video posted on Tuesday, TikToker Emily (@emily.dooley9) asked viewers if her hamsters were &#8220;dead or just hibernating.&#8221; She said both were cold but not stiff. <br>Hamsters enter &#8220;<a href="">life-saving hibernation</a>&#8221; if enduring cold temperatures or prolonged food scarcity, according to pet product retailer Omlet.<br>In the video, Emily, 17, strokes her hamsters, which are placed on a heating pad and appear nonresponsive. In another TikTok posted on Wednesday, Emily announced that her hamsters died. Emily’s videos about her hamsters all received over 1 million views, and the original post was viewed over 16 million times.<br><a title="hamster" target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">#hamster</a> <a title="hibernation" target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">#hibernation</a> <a title="fyp" target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">#fyp</a> <a title="dwarfhamster" target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">#dwarfhamster</a><br>Commenters who own hamsters themselves were divided about whether Emily’s hamsters were still alive.<br>&#8220;They&#8217;re hibernating,&#8221; commented @carrie_elizabeth1120. &#8220;Mine does it all the time it&#8217;s a bit scary but they&#8217;ll be alright.&#8221;<br>Many other comments expressed confusion and panic about potentially burying hamsters alive. &#8220;Did I just bury my two hibernating hamsters,&#8221; user @michelle_20028 wrote.&nbsp;<br>Emily said that the hamster&#8217;s vet said to &#8220;give it a couple days.&#8221;<br>&#8220;There&#8217;s not [really] any way to tell,&#8221; she wrote in the overlay text of another<a href=""> TikTok</a>.<br>To prove that she had been taking care of them, the TikToker also<a href=""> showed</a> the hamsters’ food, treats, and separate enclosures.<br>Later that day, Emily<a href=""> posted</a> that she assumed her hamsters had died.<br>&#8220;They turned blue, nail beds had black spots nothing was waking them up,&#8221; the TikToker commented on<a href=""> a video</a> announcing their death. &#8220;It&#8217;s been two days they&#8217;re gone.&#8221;<br>The widespread confusion in the comments sections of Emily’s TikToks caused some users to urge hamster owners to become familiar with how the animals function before caring for them.<br>&#8220;These comments are why you need to do your research before getting an animal,&#8221; wrote @goo___.<br>&#8220;Imagine all the hamsters being buried alive,&#8221; commented @hoppstess. &#8220;Just to wake up and [die] anyway.&#8221;<br>The Daily Dot has reached out to Emily.<br> <strong>Must-reads on the Daily Dot </strong><br>Tricia Crimmins is a journalist and comedian based in New York City. She is studying at Columbia Journalism School and is a regular contributor to the Daily Dot. Previously, she has written for Mashable, Complex Networks, and Moment magazine. She can be found on Twitter at @TriciaCrimmins.<br>‘Are you pulling the race card?’: Viral TikTok shows Bath &#038; Body Works ‘Karen’ being called out by customer<br>‘I’m in the f*cking drive-thru’: TikToker says ‘tipping culture’ has gone too far in viral video<br>&#8216;Don’t mess with stuff that’s not yours&#8217;: Airbnb hosts say guests changed the locks in viral TikTok<br>&#8216;Please stop buying beverages from Amazon&#8217;: Warehouse worker urges customers to stop buying groceries from Amazon in viral TikTok<br>Get the Daily Dot in your inbox<br><br><a href="">source</a>

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