xG stats haunt Chelsea again as Blues fail to make chances pay

How many times have we seen this before this season? Especially at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea play well, they generate enough expected goals to score a couple, while their opposition only generate one fraction of a chance against them.

Final score? 1-1.

The stats from the game would be incredible – if we hadn’t see it a few times before.

Chelsea had an xG of 1.68, including one golden Christian Pulisic chance that he somehow put wide.

Leicester on the other hand had an xG of just 0.08, presumably all from their goal, which was a brilliant strike from James Maddison – but also the only times that Leicester threatened Chelsea all night really.

xG doesn’t ever tell the whole story, but the number of times we’re creating better chances than our opposition and not actually winning the game is appalling. It’s been the same story all year – and even further back.

No matter how much we spend on strikers, we can’t seem to fix it.

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