You Have Lost Your Opportunity: Wike Tells Reggae Dancers Trying To Sanction Him

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You Have Lost Your Opportunity: Wike Tells Reggae Dancers Trying To Sanction Him
Is there anybody I want to fight, I will not tell you I want to fight. So why will I say oh because CP is not with me, I will go and bring down CP’s house.

You hear, oh, I go to PDP if they don’t have C. of O., so? when they don’t have C. of O, they don’t have it nah.

I mean, what kind of politics is that, if you don’t have it, you don’t have it.

So if you are doing something for example, to find out those who have C. of O, or those who have not complied, and maybe PDP is one of them, therefore, we will not do our work?

Can you mention who is my enemy?

I mean, Can you mention one person that is my enemy? Mention…

You see people carry propaganda, and yes, let me use this opportunity to tell you people, I don’t like people who don’t say the truth.

They said they are going to sanction me that I took appointment, that’s very ridiculous. The President wrote a letter to the 36 State Governors to bring names of people to appoint. 

Didn’t PDP Governors submit names?

Didn’t they submit names? I am asking you.
Every PDP Governor wrote a letter, and nominated 10 persons for appointment to this Government.

Before this appointment came, I wrote to the National Party Chairman, I wrote to the Minority Leader of the House of Reps and Senate, I wrote to the Zonal Chairman of the Party, I wrote to the State Chairman, I wrote to my Governor. All of them wrote me back, accept it.

I have it in evidence, documented. Forget these reggae dancers. 

We call them reggae dancers. When you have lost your opportunity, you have lost your (opportunity).

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